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Young D.E.E. aka Reverse

The Background On The Albums....

The 1st CD I made was called Unpredictable the meaning behind the name was basically I'm a new artist, and you can't predict my rap style. I felt that it would be a good name for the first album. But Jamie Foxx Stole my name cause my album came out before his lol. But this album had everybody's favorite What I'm Fucked Up On. That was my very first song I recorded at my house, I had another song called I Got That. But the whole CD were freestyles It was a fast put together album by me. Like I said I do all my work recording, mastering, mixing, some of the beats, or I got friends that make beats. I consider my self the next Dre. So hit me up if you need somebody to produce your songs or tracks i'm the one to get in touch wit my email is below the page holla at me Peace.


The 2nd CD title was named Evolving the consept for this album was I'm evolving better each time I rap, you can say expanding my horizons. This was my first CD that had mostly songs that were written down on paper. And alot of peoples choices like Smoke Wit D, I Get High, and Here We Is. I got alot of feedback on this CD some people liked it others were like it's iight, I look back on these old albums and I here the quality back then and know, it's alot of poorquality recording. But as I got more experienced and better. I use sound better than the garbage that's on the radio.


The 3rd album The 1st Chapter is my favorite because it was the first album I felt real confident about I had tracks like, this was everyones favorite song Chevy, For The Ladies, and Elastic Bandman were my hit singles. I started getting better at my production skills and editing the album. The reason why I picked this name to be my title because I felt this album was the beggining of my real skills, like I said this is my favorite album I felt the two CD's that I made before this album were alright but The 1st Chapter is a hot album. I didn't get any bad feedback on this CD everybody liked it I flooded the streets wit this masterpiece. 


The 4th album is named Chronicles Of Deception and basically it means I will mislead and deceive you if your not smart and wise then you'll get played. But don't take it personal it's not towards everyone, just the fools that are easily played. Chronicles Of Deception is my newest album that hasnt been realesed yet, only a few have heard it. But I think this is the best album that I have made far as quality, more club songs and songs for the ladies, but I always got to stay on some street shit for my niggas out there. The songs I believe that will be a hit is Get Hit Tonite for sure a hit, Gold-Digger, For Tha Hoods, I'm A G, and, I Need You. This Will Be a hot project so be on the look out for it.



The 5th album RapCycle based on my none stop fire on the mic feat Prophecy the Ghost and many more artist hot album with over 20 songs from club bangers, to Freestyles, great album to grab call me 248-499-4752 any album avaliable with me.



The 6th album Domination Mixtape Vol.3 over 25 songs with pure fire from once again ya boy Young D.E.E. feat artists from previous albums. Feat. new beats released by D.E.E.



7th Album Unpredictable pt.2 Is the album that started my life with rap, it's a bunch of songs in one album feat. Young Trav, Dope Boi, K.O. an many more artist on Down To Earth Entertainment. 


The 8th album All Rights Reserved will be the album I put the most time in far as, Producing every beat, every song, and the album cover, this album took the longest because i put time an patience for this to be the first album I produced from scratch. This will be the album that gets me my Fame an Shine best believe that. feat. Y.D.B., Polabear, Tek, Young Gutta, Big Jeff, Young Mummy, and Peezy. All my fam


Fade To Black is the 9th hottest album released in 2009, feat the number 1 single i'm The Man. also on the block hustling ft. Peezy P, the second album from me that I produced all the beats artwork an the whole 9 yards. More creativity involved in this one that lets all people listen to the craft.


10th Chronicles Of Good & Bad it's over 20 songs from good to bad, I felt I was lost in a dark place an I was thinkin of a title that might be good an I came up with that. It's hot, there's songs for the streets, ladies, Pimps, Hustlers an many more.


Greens On Deck 11th album in the year 2009, mostly all freestyle by me, I got into the R&B scene with a lil singing, an also the first time I decided to use auto-tune, the production was all done on Pro Tools, the beats range from Fruity Loops, an Reason.


12th Tech-Ne-Fide is mostly a techno, an a up tempo with Trace, Electronica beats, with lots of synths, they are all beats created by me with no vocals, jus a big variety of music an diffrent songs for the dancing people who just want music.


1.Thirteen.3. Honestly to me this is the best album I've ever put down, with only 13 songs ranging, from Rap, Techno, Rock, an R&B, beats, to keep the listeners ears wide open, Electro Compulsive Therapy, Spaceshipp, Electrifying, I even got my mom to do a song for the album The Crown, she wrote an I produced it. very creative, strong opinons, the song Life, will keep you guessing to what I will do next. oh an every song is freestyled straight from the top of my mind


14th Drug, Money, & Guns, it was a old CD cover that I never got around to doing, it's all freestyles, more for the Hood, and dope bois, it's ok to me but not really my cup of tea, just something I needed to get off my chest to continue the heat.


ICE COLD 15th Is the latest to my collection of music feat. new artis, young Trav, Ant, Blue, even my mom is doing background vocals for a song, it's a tight album, coming off the top, theres written material with great music I've produced, the album cover is sweet as well as the people on there rapping with me. there will be another release for 2010, We Don't Stop, is an album with all my artist an there solo songs as well as mine I plan to make this like a movie you can't watch, but here.......... Be looking for it Winter 2010.....








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